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Birgma International

A purchasing company with branch offices in Europe and Asia. The exclusive procurer of products to the Nordic retailer - Biltema.

With our administrative headquarters based in Fribourg, Switzerland - our purchase offices are spread out across the world. Offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Ho Chi Min City, Taipei, New Delhi, Brno, Copenhagen and Istanbul work extensively to supply the best products and prices for our retail customer – Biltema. We currently manage the international purchasing of more than 19 000 different items, and continue looking for more.

To understand Birgma we must first tell you about Biltema

Biltema was founded in a small cellar in 1963, Linköping, Sweden, by Sten Åke Lindholm. It all started with selling spare parts for cars at wholesale prices - to widely expanding the range, not only to include more products for automobiles and MC, but also expanding the range of products for hobby and leisure, construction, tools, chemicals, boat, and multimedia. For more than half a century, Biltema has grown from this modest cellar in Linköping to currently more than 154 shops in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and USD 1.5 billion in revenue. Biltemas´ market-presence in the Nordic countries has led them to be one of the strongest and most recognizable brands in Scandinavia. With their competitive prices and core values, they continue with expansion and development to remain flexible and meet customer expectations.

To keep up with the initial success in Linköping, a purchasing office in Osaka, Japan was founded in 1966. Ever since the founding years, Birgma has been sourcing products from all over the world to be sold into the Nordic market, and has subsequently invested more into the global market. Our growth has been parallel to the growth of our customer, and our offices in Asia and Europe continue expanding along with the great relationships created with suppliers around the world. Over the years we have had a lot of suppliers, only adding more and more as we grow. Currently we are working with 1400 suppliers worldwide, and we will not stop there!

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Our Structure

We have many functions in Birgma, whereas our main three is Purchasing, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Order Coordination. These areas are the pillars in maintaining a productive and reliable co-operation with our suppliers.


Birgma has purchasing teams located in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Ho Chi Minh, Taipei, New Delhi, Brno, Kraków, Copenhagen and Istanbul. They work effectively with our suppliers and discover new items for the Scandinavian market. Each team upholds a strong motivation and effort to provide our customer with the best products at the best prices. Their persistence has enabled Birgma and Biltema to be the success story it is today, and we look forward to seeing it continue in the years to come.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The CSR team quality proofs that each selected supplier, in every respective country, complies with our terms of purchase and assist them in correcting any issues they may experience according to local laws and our corporate policies. This approach help improve the company and suppliers, as well as create a healthy work relationship.

Order Coordination

The Order coordination team makes sure that the suppliers follows our terms of purchase and deliver the goods on time.