Our Suppliers

Our suppliers have to meet certain conditions to work with us. Read below to find out more!

Our Work Policies

As a rooted Scandinavian company we always aim to reflect our high standards in our policies.

We share this with our potential suppliers, and set requirements that they attempt to follow these policies. These policies range from employees rights to environmental requirements. The CSR team conducts factory audits with all our suppliers in order to get an understanding of them and recognize any problems which might require correction in order for us to work with them. These contracts and audits has created several trustworthy collaborations through the years and have helped factories improve their standards.

Essentially we are here to help you- help us!

Our Values

As stated above, we set very high standards on ourselves and want our suppliers to set the same standards for themselves. We work with suppliers who:

Are the producer of the product that we want to purchase

Can meet our needs

Have good working environments for their employees

Have no underage employees

Have high quality products at the right price

Meet our standards of purchase

Follow the environmental policies set out in their respective countries

Who show a great understanding for the products and their production

Can ensure their product meets the required European standards

Says no to corruption!

Information about factory audits

As we are concerned with whom we work with – we also make sure they live up to the standards in which we set out in our General Terms & Conditions for Purchase and Code of Conduct contracts. In order to do this we organize factory audits that oversees all aspects of our suppliers operation to ensure the absence of any wrong-doing. We work hard to build trustworthy relationships and do not want these audits to be viewed as anything else but a tool to help our co-operation strengthen and thrive to the best of its ability!

Our Environmental work

The environmental issues and catastrophes we face in this day and age is of high concern. As a global company with several responsibilities, our environmental impact is one of the increasingly larger ones. Every day we work towards ensuring that more and more of our products and transportation have a smaller negative impact on the environment. We are currently working on decreasing the amount of plastic used in packaging and transportation. This has produced results and proven a success so far, yet we have only scratched the surface. There is a lot more to do. We continue to move forward with ensuring less harmful plastic in our products, making it that more achievable for Biltema to be a leading figure in Scandinavia when it comes to improving processes in order to preserve the global environment and maintain our business.